Mark Twain once said, "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything," which of course is a humorist’s way of saying that integrity counts. But more than that, it's an operating principle that should reside at the heart of every company's handbook. In fact, instilling a culture of integrity in those around you can make the difference between a company that fails and a company that succeeds. At HiCor Learning, we recognize that our people, our customers, and our business partners depend on companies they can trust, which is why operational integrity will always be fundamental to our business.

Katherine Martin, President



HiCor Learning Systems specializes in educational training, workforce development, dropout prevention, and other skills based programs designed to successfully address the unique learning requirements of at-risk youth and young adults.

With more than fifty years of combined experience in innovative education, project management, and program delivery, we are dedicated to helping all levels of government and the private sector respond to the growing needs of the at-risk community.