Katherine Martin, President

Katherine Martin is a public sector professional and the former Chief Business Development Officer for a large industry veteran focused on the at-risk population. An expert at creating strategic partnerships and identifying new market opportunities, Katherine has put into service a host of youth, education and workforce development programs for a variety of government agencies and the military. Ms. Martin is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Central Florida - where she was awarded a Business Ethics Scholarship - and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Doug Merlin, Executive Director

Mr. Merlin has 30 years of experience in the government contracting arena and was the former owner of a large industry competitor specializing in programs for the at-risk community. A serial entrepreneur,Mr. Merlin has founded and sold a number of companies that service the public sector, and works with Ms. Martin to develop the company's marketing strategy, strategic partnerships, long term objectives and operational standards. Doug is a graduate of Loyola College in Montreal, Quebec, where he majored in Commerce and English.

Stephanie Bradley, Vice President

Ms. Bradley’s experience includes many years as a teacher and as a Student Assistance Coordinator in the South Carolina public school system in Sumter, SC. During her tenure as an educator, Stephanie focused on specific programs for identifying and coordinating services for the at-risk student population. Stephanie also held various positions throughout her career with Hitek Learning Systems, including instructor, project manager, and WIA program director. Ms. Bradley is a summa cum laude graduate of Morris College and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.



HiCor Learning is an education and training company that delivers programs for at-risk youth and young adults. Our recipe for success is based on management's many years of experience educating and understanding the needs of the at-risk population.  

Understanding customer needs is also critical to success, which is why HiCor Learning is always developing innovative approaches toward teaching the at-risk population. By making sure we satisfy customer needs, we benefit the student and consistently achieve optimum results.Also fundamental to our success is our ability to create a learning environment that motivates the at-risk student. We believe that at-risk students often struggle in a conventional classroom setting, which is why our programs are known for their innovative and stimulating approach to learning.

At HiCor, we believe at-risk students have the capacity to succeed. But we also know they lack the self-esteem and mindset necessary to tap their full potential. In fact, many begin with an attitude so conditioned to failure that they have difficulty seeing themselves as successful.Developing new learning techniques to help at-risk students overcome these obstacles, is the driving force behind HiCor Learning Systems. Their success is our success, and we remain dedicated to helping this struggling population embrace a better future.



HiCor Learning Systems, LLC, specializes in workforce training and education for at-risk youth and young adults. Founded in 2011 by Katherine Martin, the company is grounded in her more than twenty-five years of experience creating award winning programs for both government agencies and the public sector.

The company is organized as a minority, woman owned business, with extensive ties to the military, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and other businesses focused on the at-risk community.

HiCor's mission is to develop and deliver programs for the at-risk population that offer a practical alternative for students that continually struggle to succeed in a conventional classroom environment.